Let's Wrench It Up a Notch!

“If you’re like us, you do things your way– and that means wrenching it up a notch!”
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Wayne's Word

“Hang on for the ride as we throw a wrench in the mix! Monkey Wrench Brewing was founded in 2011 as the first step in taking our award-winning beers to market.

Fast forward nine years and we have established a brand that is set to compete with the best of ’em! Our homegrown business combines a passion for performance, innovative brewing techniques, and age-old traditions. We pride ourselves on pushing the limits of each and every batch of our original craft brews. From classics to off-the-wall styles, we continue to express ourselves through liquid experiments!

Brewing has been a serious passion of mine for over 20 years and there’s no stopping now! The team at MWB is continually working hard and motivated to create a quality product that your friends and family can enjoy and share over and over again. Discover our vision and why Monkey Wrench Brewing should be on your radar!

We’re producing memorable, world-class beers that craft enthusiasts demand and deserve. MWB believes that good beer can bring good folks together! Cheers to wrenching it up a notch together.”

​-Wayne Baxter
Owner and Founder

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Story Behind the Name

As Wayne recalls it: “On a sunny afternoon in Snellville [GA] I was hanging out with a few buddies in my tool room and bar in my basement. We were having a good ole time tasting my latest creation: a freshly home-brewed IPA! They all knew about my plans for a brewing company…also that I was having a helluva time selecting the right name for it! I had been searching for weeks on end by now.

So while pints were being emptied and refilled, we joked and brainstormed about branding, life and such. We actually came up with some decent names, along with some really really bad ones. There were a few sessions like this again over the next weeks but still nothing seemed to click for me yet. Damn frustrating!

As ideas came and went, I began to doubt my instincts on the name game. In a spontaneous moment of clarity– it suddenly hit me! Joe and I realized that my answer had been hanging on the pegboard right there in front of me all along: the trusty monkey wrench!

​It made so much sense; I have been known as a self-learner and to throw a wrench in the mix, especially with my beer recipes. Plus, it felt like a true homage to the tools that helped me become a good brewer. We still love to “wrench it up a notch” with our ideas and experiments because that’s what makes us…us. So, there ya go and now here we are!”

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